January 19, 2023:Herve Barmasse and David Goetteler who are attempting Dhaulagiri this winter found two dead bodies at the French Pass.

Herve Barmasse told La Gazzetta Dello Sport During one of the training sessions here on Dhaulagiri, in the French Pass area, David Goettler and I found the lifeless bodies of two people. When the feeling of pain gave way to rationality over the hours, we both shared the fact that it was surprising to make that macabre discovery right there. It is not an area that involves particular difficulties, trekkers usually pass there, and it is difficult to leave your life there. We also think the same way about the cause of the tragedy: an avalanche. In this area, where today the strong cold was added to the very strong winds, last autumn was a very complicated period for all the expeditions because it continued to get worse and there was a lot of snow. Precisely because of these storms the risk of avalanches has risen. Among other things, it was not easy to understand who it was: initially, we found there the documents relating to three Korean trekkers, in reality, they belonged to a guide and one of his climbing companions. Both Nepalese porters. Of course, we notified the Ministry of Tourism immediately. 

Meanwhile, Herve Barmasse and David Goetteler determined to climb Dhaulagiri in winter in a single, alpine-style push but the jet stream is not letting them.

Image source: Hervé Barmasse