May 11, Kathmandu: On May 09 at around 9:39 am Nepal time Portuguese climber Padro Queiros, 41 reached the summit of Mt Everest with his Guide Mingma Tendi Sherpa.

He waited for 12 Days Between Camp 2 to Camp 3 for the rope fixing team. They reached at a top of Everest shortly after Sherpas opened the route.

He was preparing for Everest form the past two years. He arrived back at base camp yesterday afternoon.

They were alone at the summit.

“I’ve been awake 86 hours straight, starved and thirsty, walked among corpses, stopped feeling my fingers and toes, and been exposed to 100 mph wind gusts with temperatures hovering in the negative 40 degrees. But none of this stopped me from going step by step to the top of the world. I always knew that Everest had to be climbed with the mind and an unshakable iron will, physical strength would be just a detail.” He wrote on Social Media.

A huge summit wave is underway on Everest.

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Image source: Padro Queiros