May 25, Kathmandu: First Summit of 8000er this season was on the world’s seventh-highest peak Mt Dhaulagiri (8,167m). The team led by Migma G scaled Mt Dhalaugiri on April 09, at 10:30 am Nepal time.

After Dhaulagiri on April 28 around 30 Climbers reached the summit of the world’s tenth highest mountain Mt Annapurna. Grace Tseng, Hans Wenzl, Tim Bogdanov, and Giampaolo Corona scaled without using Supplemental Oxygen. Tim Bogdanov and Giampaolo Corona lost contact with base camp and were airlifted. They were suffering from frostbite both are now alive.

On May 05 around 40 Climbers Scaled World’s third highest mountain Mt Kangchenjunga.

The route fixing team led by Kami Rita Sherpa reached the world’s highest peak summit on May 07. Legendary climber Kami Rita Sherpa broke his own record and climbed Everest 26 times while descending he was suffering from Snow blindness and was airlifted to base camp from Camp 2 and then Kathmandu. He is well now. On May 09 Portuguese climber Padro Queiros reached the top of Mount Everest becoming the first foreigner to Summit Everest this Season. A good weather window is seen on Everest after Decades using the good weather window and many other Climbers scale Everest.

On May 09 Adrian Ballinger, together with Alpenglow Sherpas Dorji Sonam and Pasang Sona became the first team to Summit Mt Makalu this season. Adran Ballinger successfully skied off the mountain. Carla Perez of Ecuador summited Makalu without supplementary O2 on May 24.

Adriana Brownlee,Gelje Sherpa,Kristin Harila,Purnima Shrestha,andSirbaz Khan are on Makalu.

On May 11 Climbers Scaled Lhotse for the first time this season.


Greek Alpinists Antonios Sykaris died on Dhaulagiri during decent.

Nima Tenji died on Khumbu Icefall. The reason behind his death is still unknown.

Indian Climber Narayan Iyer died during the ascent of Mt Dhaulagiri. according to sources after feeling ill he was asked to decent but he refused and died on the mountain.

Russian climber Pavel Kostrikin died on Mt Everest due to acute mountain sickness.

Khudam Bir Tamang, who was lost in an avalanche in Lhotse’s south face is not found.

Climbing guide Dipak Mahat who was evacuated from Everest Camp 2 died.


Kristin Harila along with two Sherpa Climbers five 8000m peaks in 24 Days.

Gabby Kanizay becomes the youngest Australian to climb Mt.Everest

Nguyên Thi Thanh Nhā becomes the first Vietnamese woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest using the SE- Ridge.

Manal Adel Youssef, 43 from Egypt becomes the country’s first female climber to scale Mt Everest.

Kenton Cool scales Everest for the 16th time breaking his own record

US kidney donor sets record scaling Mount Everest

Grace Tseng Climbed 7 peaks above 8000m.

Lucy Westlake became the youngest American woman to climb Mt Everest

Nepali Female climber summits Mt Everest for 10th time

Asma Al Thani Summited Mt Kangchenjunga

Migma G climbed completes 13 Peaks above 8000m without oxygen only 1 remaining to complete 14 peaks.

Kami Rita Sherpa scaled Mt Everest 26th time.

First Summit of Kangchung Nup Northwest Face

Other Climbers also set different records.

Last Everest Climbers this Season

Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee has issued a notice that Khumbu Icefall closes on May 29. James McMannus is trying to climb Everest without Supplementary Oxygen. Nirmal purja’s team is also left on Everest. according to sources they are they plan to summit Everest on May 27 and Lhotse on May 28.

Expedition Permitted Data

According to the Nepal Department of Tourism 968 Climbers are permitted to Climb different mountains in Nepal.

Image Source: Lucy Westlake